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Artificial Intelligence Live! Panel Discussion: AI - For Data Scientists or Developers?


11:00am - 12:00pm

Level: Everyone

Andrew Brust

Founder and CEO

Blue Badge Insights

Heather Downing

Coder. Entrepreneur. Passionate for the impossible

Kevin Feasel


Catallaxy Services, LLC

Raj Krishnan

Cloud Solution Architect


AI and machine learning have long been a bastion of data scientists. But if AI is to go mainstream in the Enterprise, we need to get developers in on the game too. With offerings like Azure Cognitive Services, the Bot Framework, and the advent of Automated Machine Learning (AutoML), that is starting to happen. And with the array of sample notebooks and other learning materials, even “manual” ML is becoming accessible to a wider range of tech professionals. What can we do to accelerate the onboarding of developers into the AI world? And, when we succeed, what will the role of the data scientist be? Join this panel of experts to hear their views and ask what they think is coming next.